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Paddle-boarding -a new and healthy trend

Dec 18, 2018 | News

Paddle-boarding – to some better known as Stand Up Paddling, or SUP in short, is a new trend that truly has come to stay. Especially in Phuket, we particularly feel the rising trend and demand for paddle-boards spread across the island – and that even faster than any wave could reach the shore!

Great workout – great fun

Paddle-boarding is a great workout for everyone, no matter if short and small, big and tall, young or old. It’s a sport where everyone can take part – no matter if one is planning to do it as a pasttime activity or a full on sport exercise.

When in Phuket, you could take your Paddle-board to Ko Pu, a breathtaking island not far from our shop, where you can explore the coral reefs – or take a tour to Kata Noi, a beach just “around the next cliff”, to truly take in the majestic surroundings there.

Phuket, the perfect location for paddle-boarding

In Phuket, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes for suitable locations to go either surfing, paddle-boarding, swimming or diving.

If you’re looking for the perfect gear for the just as perfect paddle-boarding trip, we you should come check out our shop right at the beachside of Kata beach. We have a large selection of paddle-boards and kayaks for rent or sale. As a completely now feature, we now also offer inflatable paddle-boards, which is a completely new add-on to the already existing offering. Inflatable paddle-boards come with the advantage that they are easy to carry, very durable and also, at the same time, very affordable.

Come visit us

Should be interested to purchase your own paddle-board, feel free to come visit us at the beach to try it out for yourself before you decide to invest. That way you’ll know exactly which one will fit to you and be worth the investment, one that will be able to offer you the greatest versatility, stability and balance. All inflatable paddle-boards already got the the attachment for GoPro pre-installed, so all you really need to do is to swing by our shop, try the board you’d be interested in – and go surfing!

It’s relatively easy for anyone to do. Paddle-boarding also comes with a range of tremendous health benefits! It’s the perfect family activity, so give it a try, and you’ll notice how much better and stronger you feel!