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Why surfing is such an exciting hobby

Jun 7, 2019 | News

Surfing has many advantages. It keeps you fit and in shape, increases your balance and, when carried out in a tropic climate like ours in Phuket, it also gives you a nice tan, as a positive side effect. What’s not to like about surfing? We can’t think of a reason.

Not many surfers ever quit this hobby because of lack of fun. Most surfers all agree on that surfing is the most fun sport they’ve ever experienced, and that considering that at most, a typical ride on a wave only last a few seconds. Compared to all the time being investing in preparing for the surfing day, one has to admit that surfers are a very patient ‘species’.

Today, we would like to dwell deeper into this topic and try to answer the question of why surfing is so much fun!

It starts already with the image

How do you imagine a typical surfer? Typically, the surfer is being imagined as wild, free and cool. Attributes we all would like to have, don’t we?
It simply is attractive imagining yourself as being such, and taking surfing lessons to match the expectation is not so hard either. It just takes practice and determination.
At our own surfing school in Phuket at Kata Beach, we see many talented beginners that want to learn how to surf, because of the image it invokes in others.

This is just where it starts. Many commonly think that surfing is hard to learn and requires a lot of passion and talent. While that may be true, the best motivator that makes many continue this hobby though, is the sheer fun of it!

The fun, the true reason

Speaking of fun, imagine laying on your board, all focused., patiently waiting for the wave to finally kick-in and lift your board up.
Your heart beats like crazy, you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as the sound of the wave starts to increase. You slowly get up from your board in a standing position. Now the true fun starts and you are finally able to ride that wave!

Even though a typical ride only last a few seconds, many surfers describe it as feeling like an eternity. Every move needs to be precise and calculated. You hold the balance and forget all about everything else. You truly become one with the board and the wave.

This is a kind of fun like no other, and this is why surfing is such an exciting hobby!

Of course, further improving and taking more difficult waves step-by-step is the next step on your route to become a true professional on the board, but you’d be surprised, how fast you can improve in this sport.

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