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Come learn to surf with your whole family

Jul 9, 2019 | News

Surfing is a fun sport for the whole family to join in on. During a surfing session one’ll quickly learn how to keep their balance on a surfboard, how to navigate and ultimately also how to look for the right wave to ride on.
No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate Surfer, Surfing is an activity where you and your family can make advancements in a relatively short time, without ever losing the fun of it all. And who knows, before you know it, either you, or a family member of yours enjoy surfing so much that it even may become a new lifestyle!
What is even better is perhaps the fact that during surfing you will use all the muscles in your body and keep yourself in shape while also having fun doing it.
That may also explain to you why all those “surfer-dudes” always look so buff. It’s a perk that comes with the hobby!

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The basics of surfing

Surfing is faster to learn than many other water-sport activities, but if you didn’t try standing on a surfboard yet, there are certain things, which will be good to know beforehand.Therefore, we in this article will cover the very basics of surfing and how it will improve your experience when you touch a surfboard for the very first time. You’ll get the same instructions during a surfing lesson with us at Phuket Surfing!

The surfboard

The surfboard obviously is made to float and designed in such a way, that it always holds the same position. Before even attempting to stand up, you’ll need to find your balance point, which perhaps is more tricky than it may sound.
Therefore, when you first have access to the board, try to find the natural balance with your chin and remember this point. If the board leans forward, go a few inches down and if it sticks up too much, go up. Memorize this exact position mentally. The same spot will be where your front foot will sit on and where you’ll control the board from.

Before you surf, learn to paddle

Paddling is important. Having the wrong technique can make it inefficient and exhaust you unnecessarily. It is important to hold a constant speed that just flows naturally. Do not paddle with both arms simultaneously, as this will make the board speed up and down constantly and you will have problems maintaining speed. Furthermore, this technique requires a lot of strength over time as you keep starting over instead of generating a constant flow. Use both arms in succession instead. This not only allows you to adjust your speed fast, but also make it easier for you to not only maintain speed, and increases your maximum speed as well. This saves strengths and makes it easier to catch your wave.

Sitting on your board

Sitting on the board is the next step you will learn. It is like the before-mentioned step with the chin on the board, but this time while sitting up. Avoid moving too much and try to find calmly your balance. The less you move, the easier it will be.

Standing up

We all know the next step all too well; standing up. This step might be the most difficult of them all, as you’ll have to hold the balance at all time. Once you have figured this out though, the rest comes naturally very fast.
While you are still laying on your board, chin on your balance spot, put your palms on the same height as your shoulder at the side of the board. Push yourself up while still holding balance and rapidly move your feet below you.

Finding your sweet spot can seem tricky at first, but you’ll notice when you are coming closer and once you’ve found it, you can do it pretty much all the time.

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