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Come learn how to surf at Phuket Surfing

Aug 9, 2019 | News

This goes out to all fellow wave-riders, and those who aspire to become one!

It is no secret that Kata Beach is one of the best places to go surfing in Phuket, if not the whole world. The beach is wide, the waves are tall, the winds are good – ideal conditions! This is amongst the reason why we, from Phuket Surfing, are located directly at Kata Beach.

If you should decide to come visit us to learn the ropes of how to master the waves below your feet, you can be sure you are in for a ride at Phuket Surfing!

This is not what this article will be about though. Today, we would like to tell you a bit more about the different types of surf-boards there are and for what they are best used. Just like life in general, you’ve got options; many options!
There are different surf-boards for different occasions, maneuvers, trajectories and velocities.

The different types of surf-boards

The Shortboard

Let us begin with the so called shortboard. The shortboard is meant for high speeds and fast maneuvers in steep waves. They range from 5-7 feet and usually come with a nose rocker, thinner rails and a pointy nose.

They are designed for an aggressive approach in the most critical section of the wave.

The Fish

Next up, we have the so called Fish. This board is especially popular with beginners as they have more volume and are easier to balance.

They go faster in slower breaking waves and surf more smoothly than shortboards with their fast and snappy turns.
They paddle well due to not having much rocker, however they are difficult on steep hollow surfs.

The Fun-board

The ideal beginner board is the fun-board. They are very wide and stable, making it easier to paddle and keep balance. Ideal for heavier surfers and people who generally don’t want to put in much effort to catch waves.

They are 7-9 feet long and easier to maneuver than longboards.

The Longboard

Speaking of longboards, the longboard is usually 8-11 feet long and are easy to paddle and catch waves.

The longboard allows you to catch waves much sooner and because of the length, you can walk up and down on the board. It is a very good beginner board and many surfers only ride longboards.

The Gun

The next board is the so-called the Gun. They are designed with speed and intensity in mind and allow breathtaking and fast paced maneuvers not doable on other boards.

With its narrow tail and nose, it is designed for experienced surfers who need to maintain speed and control necessary in big waves. You’d be shooting through the waves like a bullet at high velocities.

The SUP board

The SUP-board, Stand Up Paddle board, is the newest addition in boards and unlike any other.
With 10-12 feet it is even longer than the longboard and its wide and buoyant build is designed to stand up and paddle on it, as the name implies.
It is meant for a more calm experience and allows you to simply enjoy the scenery.
It is used for paddling through lakes and rivers and is more like a standing kayak in terms of usability. That doesn’t need to stop you from just throwing away the paddle and embrace in the next big wave like on a longboard though.

Come learn how to surf at Phuket Surfing!

With all the available boards out there, there is certainly something for everyone.
No matter which skill-level you posses, you can find just the right board at Phuket Surfing!

If you would like to know more about surfing and about us in general, we would be happy if you would visit our website at www.phuketsurfing.com.

We look forward to your visit!